The asphalt mix plant is mainly composed of a cold aggregate supply system, a drum dryer, a coal burner, a coal feeder, a dust collector, a hot aggregate elevator, a vibrating screen, a filler supply system, a weighing and mixing system, asphalt storage, and a bitumen supply system.

All these components have characteristics that impact not only the overall quality of the asphalt but also the effect on the environment. We own and operate an asphalt mix plant with 200 tons/hr capacity in Erbil.

All of our asphalt equipment and machinery is imported from Germany (AMMANN). We produce our asphalt in accordance with the highest public works standards for use in the Erbil ring road and other similar highway construction projects.

  • Producing Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) for use in our highway projects (15 tons/hr capacity).

  • Machinery for washing the aggregate, sand and fine aggregate used in ready mix concrete production, with the coarse aggregate automatically diverted to the crusher plant. Washing is performed using a modern, environment-friendly, economical water filtration recycling system that utilizes the minimum amount of water.

  • The 180 m3/h-capacity crusher plant consists of five fully automated crushed aggregate production lines. It delivers various sizes of crushed aggregate products for use as raw materials in our asphalt and concrete plants, and as base coarse material for highway construction projects.

  • Emulsion plant producing prime and tack coat emulsion bitumen.