What was Kazmi surprised in Erbil? At the time of visiting Mr. Mustafa Kazmi the prime minister of Iraq

Mr. Khalid khoshnaw ′′ owner of hemn group gave one million dollars to the Kurdistan Regional Government for medical needs.

Mr. Khalid Khoshnaw the owner of hemn group welcomes Mr. Masror Barzani the prime minister of Kurdistan regional government during the opening ceremony of 120M project in ERBIL city.

Hemn Group is recognized by our clients for timely project delivery

New technologies have been a major contributor to Hemn Group’s success

Professional Approach

About Hemn Group

Hemn Group (HG) is one of Kurdistan and Iraq’s most valuable and well-established corporations. With proven competencies in property, industrial and infrastructure projects, the Group focuses on providing high levels of design, build quality and timely delivery.

Established in 03-04-1986 by Khalid Khoshnaw, Hemn Group currently has over 3,100 employees. A pioneering developer of integrated planned communities, and a leading player in both public and private sector works in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the group has enhanced the quality of life of many people throughout the territory.

Our plant and equipment business supplies Hemn Group’s wide range of construction and infrastructure projects with all necessary materials.

Our diverse fleet of heavy equipment includes general earth-moving and excavation equipment and articulated dump trucks. Serviced and maintained in-house, this is one of the most comprehensive fleets in the Kurdistan Region.

The Group owns and operates a plant that manufactures cement, concrete, building elements and asphalt, as well as providing comprehensive fuel supply and fuel management services for the Group’s construction and infrastructure projects. Health, safety and the environment are fundamental elements of the company’s approach.

In recent years we have developed communities, established industrial plants, built roads and highways, and provided thousands of jobs opportunities for young people.

Hemn Group’s mission is to build the future of the Kurdistan Region and.....




Throughout the year clients rely on Hemen Group  for small and large construction maintenance within the housing and agricultural sector. Delivering small amounts of concrete is not economical. We save our clients money by self-mixing larger quantities of concrete, which offers more flexibility and client cost savings. 



Ideally positioned by the Ebril ring road, just minutes away from Erbil Airport, New Azadi City is truly where the future of Erbil takes flight. Set in a total area of 766,150 m2, the development features 1,395 residential units. Phase 1 of the Project featuring 612 residential units is already complete, with Phases 2 & 3 planned for the near future.



We take pride in pioneering new technologies which has been a major contributor to Hemn's success. Our manufacturing facilities utilize unique and pioneering technology in the region. Some examples include: Pre-stress concrete components, rapid building components with high energy efficiency, K-Span system and more 



Our asphalt plant features state of the art equipment such as: cold aggregate supply system, drum dryer, coal burner, coal feeder, dust collector, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, filler supply system, weighing and mixing system, asphalt storage.



One of Erbil’s premier residential communities, Italian City 2 has everything it's residents could ever need. Set in a tranquil landscape, this truly integrated community features 1,560 residential units designed to the highest quality standards. Erbil city center and the airport are both easily accessible via a ring road.



Italian City 1, one of Erbil’s most attractive residential communities, is a mixed-use development. It features newly designed concepts of tiered townhouses and villas. This truly integrated community includes 640 residential units and 80 commercial units in different neighborhoods, each with their own distinctive style.



Our main office is in Erbil. We also have branch offices in Duhok, Dubai, and Turkey.

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